Kick off 23 Things!

I used to be managing social media content for undergrad projects. Most of the times I learned everything by doing, but oftentimes I was not sure about what should I post or how to manage the quality of the posts, even to set up a sound plan for a specific organisation to develop their unique social media voice/brand.

What’s worse, though having social media accounts of my own, I sometimes felt insecure and afraid to post anything to express myself on these platforms. To be honest, I am more comfortable being an observer or information receiver, rather than a part of a community to share ideas. I realised the opportunities to meet like-minded people got slipped away because of it. As social media became a crucial part to develop our social network, it is inevitable to learn how to create the voice of my own for my presence on social media. Plus, I am curious to learn the ways and platforms available to create content for numerous purposes, whether it is for personal development, professional use, or else.

Copyrights is another serious issue I encountered before. I realised anything posted online is governed and protected by international intellectual property rights, and thus a heads-up from Social Media Student Handbook is really helpful to brush up my memories.


So I hope that after completing 23 Things, I will learn the skills and techniques which I lack in undergrad, overcome the fear of confident self-expression, and develop a voice of my own. I am especially excited about setting up a website from scratch and manage it throughout its growth. This is one of the things I have always wanted to do, but I could not find a good enough topic or reason for running a website before – now 23 Things just give me a perfect reason to try it out!