Thing 3: Digital Footprint

Googled and searched myself on DuckDuckGo, here’s what I found –


Yep that’s right. Nada.

The only thing I found about myself are a few Facebook posts I’ve been tagged in my previous work. And that’s it.

Myself do not show up on other search results as well (because I am bilingual so I tried my name in another language); instead, other people with the same name as mine pop up in the search results.

”Maybe I am not active on the internet enough to show up on the first page of search results,” I thought. So I scrolled through page 2, 3 and 4… until it started to show irrelevant results.

Hmm interesting. Why am I not on the web except for several tagged posts? I have 1 Facebook, 1 LinkedIn, 1 Instagram, and 1 dormant Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Still, where am I?

Then it hit me. Ah that’s right!

I highly value my privacy, whether it is online or in real life. I think sharing my thoughts online is very intimate and I am only comfortable enough to post things to share with people I know. Therefore since I started out engaging on social media, I have set up strict privacy settings (thankfully they still allow me to do that) – only adding people I know and only letting my friends be able to see what I posted. I even review my privacy settings once in a while. This is probably why my name did not show up in search results.

(Even with such privacy settings, I still sometimes felt insecure to post things on the platforms.)

This approach has let me share my life online with comfort and catch up with friends in all parts of the world. But on the flip side, it also blocks me from doing what I want to achieve at this stage – to establish and enhance my e-professionalism presence. So, it could be a little bit of rocky start to identify the voice which represents me and the tone/language to share things related to my desired profession. Plus, since my contacts are mostly on Facebook, it is time to reconsider whether I should loosen up the privacy settings (or not) to engage in professional communications or to enhance my visibility on the internet.

The case study especially useful as a guide to identify which aspects to set up strategies to engage in different social media platforms. I will definitely try to set up a strategy of my own after posting this. And – time to clean house! Apparently, I have too many dormant accounts which are useless and it is not wise to let those internet company keeping my personal data.

Writing until now, I realise that the language in this post is much different from my first post. I should really work on the voice and language! Any tips on developing a sustainable image and voice of your professionalism?

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  1. It can sometimes take a bit of experimentation to find the right voice for a blog. it depends on who you’re writing for and what you want to get across. This blog can be a good space for you to figure out your own voice.

    As for recommendations, try seeking out blogs written by your peers and people in your field that you admire. Consider the voice and styles that they’re using and whether or not that would work for you.


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  2. Thanks Charlie! Great advice! I’ll certainly start seeking out. 😀

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