Thing 4: Digital Security

Overall the apps on my phone request access to reasonable functions like camera, microphone, photo gallery and such. Not many surprises out there. Because I already shut down every feature I do not wish them to have access to. Only one thing – the local recently downloaded bus tracking app reads my contact information, which I found annoying when searching for locations and unnecessary.

As my phone started to store personal information, I began to be aware of the issue of whether to grant apps access to personal information or not. Just like having lots of social media accounts, I have downloaded lots of apps which requires registering accounts/ linking accounts. Often I used the apps for a period of time then deleted it. It was not until I read things about cybersecurity did I realise how much information I gave away.

So now I develop a cautious approach to downloading apps and regularly delete the apps and the data stored if I no longer use them. Although sometimes the urge to download game apps or entertainments trumps my rationale. Ha.

By the way, as a bonus, I just released another new page on this site – About – a section introducing a little bit of myself. If you are interested, feel free to take a look. (wink)

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