Thing 5: Diversity

What in the world does emoji have anything to do with diversity?

That was the first thought comes to mind when I read Thing 5. It was interesting reading these 2 articles (See The Washington Post and Huffpost) which present opposite opinions towards the same thing. I respect that both authors have their opinions. However, I cannot say I have a strong opinion towards this topic. For emojis to have customised racial colours, initially I thought it was a nice touch for tech companies to recognise the importance of diversity around the globe.

But as I switched from Android to iOS several months ago, I encountered the similar struggle for choosing the emoji colours as discussed in the first article. I felt, all of a sudden, it was strange to particularly choose a colour for myself. Maybe I fear how people will see me if I choose a colour of myself – will they think that I am a part of that typical race? Or if I choose to change colours every time, what will people see me and what is the point? Will they think me weird?


Maybe I was overthinking. But somehow for me, there must be a reason to choose a particular emoji racial colour to represent myself. It was too much a complicated question to decide, so in the end, I chose to stay neutral as the default yellow. After all, the sole purpose for me to exist on the web is to communicate and it doesn’t matter what kind of race is mine or other people’s.

Switching to a more cheerful topic, I tried the Bitmoji. Must say, not a huge fan. (Sorry 23 Things) It’s nice to have a custom avatar for myself but emojis work perfectly fine for me. And gifs are more interactive and funny! Not to say SnapChat and Instagrams have cool features to fiddle with our faces now! I think Bitmoji falls somewhere between emoji and gifs and that’s why almost none of my friends using them.

Personally, Thing 5 is a very subjective topic which is closely related to our own experiences. So it is likely that what I think is not even close to what you think. But I would love to hear what you think about diverse environment online too!


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  1. This is one of my favourite Things as everyone’s responses are incredibly thoughtful, and as you’ve noted, varied. Try reading some other 23 Things participant blogs to see how they’ve reacted to this Thing. 🙂

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