Thing 7: Twitter

Just deleted my Twitter account several days ago. Because I rarely use it.

Twitter Tips: How I used social media to find jobs 

Students: Tweet your way to a job

These two articles are really useful. I realise that Twitter is common in EU and US context, after reading them, I am considering setting up a new Twitter account, again.

It is always daunting to think of setting up a social media brand for myself and maintaining the “brand”. The articles provide me with a new perspective to look at Twitter and some few ideas of how to develop my social media presence and what to write. Instead of aiming at establishing a brand, it would be really nice to record my professional development throughout the years. And other purposes like personal branding or building networks now just seem like additional benefits from it.

After trying searching some hashtags in my field like #Business #FF and many others, I found simply searching is a great way to gather information. However, I think if I want to get in touch with people to gain more insights on certain topics, it is still best to have an account and reach out to them straight away.

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