Thing 9: Google Hangouts / Collaborate Ultra

OMG These google hangouts features are so fun! It reminds me of the time playing an online strategy web game – the developers did the same thing to the game – if you type in “/banana” in the game chat, loads of bananas will fall from the top of the screen; and another secret code (which I forgot) will rotate the whole screen upside-down! It was just hilarious! LOL

Really love these brilliant minds behind those features making our communications more joyful. ❤ I wish I have known this when I was using Google Hangouts though. It would be so much fun for meetings. :p I’ve used Hangouts in the past few years, but not on many occasions. It is always because we have more than one people to talk to and at that time Hangouts meet our requirements for free (Skype offers multiple people communications with premium access). Now that Messengers and LINE can do the same thing, I wonder people would still use Hangouts anymore. But I would say for work or meetings that require screen sharing or documents, probably Hangouts and Skype are still better options.

As for Collaborate Ultra, I really wish I had known it during undergrad. (Sigh) It could help a lot for me and my colleagues to hold online sessions like UOE does. Super for work efficiency, broadcast with wider affinity, not to mention benefit those who cannot attend events physically and save them time rushing from one location to another. Having been using it since last August I got in UoE, as an event attendee, I found I am more willing to sign up for those sessions held via Collaborate Ultra because I don’t have to worry about the commuting time between one schedule and another – so convenient. If I ever hold events again, I will definitely think of holding additional online sessions with Collaborate Ultra or Eventbrite if the circumstances suit the needs.

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