Thing 10: Wikimedia

No idea that there is such a large organisation behind Wikipedia, and that they have more projects going on – so amazing!

In the Wikimedia group, I’ve only known Wikipedia. It has been a good friend to quickly search for certain terms or events and to gain a basic idea of it. ;p Although indeed there are credibility, quality and bias issues of the contents, it is still quite helpful when in need of a quick overview to learn something new.

Hopping around Wikimedia’s project portals, I found some places are actually would be useful for gathering information such as Wiktionary, Wikinews or Wikispecies. Some sites are great for its ideas and purposes, but there are better places offer similar services. For example, Wikiversity is awesome for its contents. If people prefer more profound and systematic knowledge, they would go for the MOOCs platforms instead, like Coursera. Wikibooks are great as well, but it lacks certain specific areas of books which could not provide the breadth of knowledge for people, so they would probably search on Google Scholar instead, which contains mass content for either academic or personal purpose, not to say, a nice personal library management feature to pin books and articles in one place. 

Personally, I am very fond of and look up to Wikimedia’s vision of sharing knowledge and letting people create contents. It opens up a lot of windows and opportunities for people who don’t have a lot of resources to access such things, without any fees charged. However, since its content solely bases on voluntary contributions, it could be an issue of how long will Wikipedians motivated to keep contributing. I didn’t get a close look at the reward system for the Wikipedians since I am not a member. From the looks of it, Wikipedia clearly thought of this system trying to offset this effect, but the effectiveness of the reward would be an interesting point to look at.


Photo credit: Infomastern on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

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