Thing 11: Copyright

When preparing for a presentation, I often like to looking for visual aids to help convey my concept and engage the audience. For amazing, high-quality pictures, VisualHunt and Pixabay are the go-to. And recently I found making quick contents for leisure use on Adobe Spark, such as easy websites and social media content, are exceptionally useful because it even takes care of the crediting automatically when I inserted the pics and videos found via the database which gathers these resources from all those websites like Pixabay.

Mostly the pictures I used did not need any attribution (CC0), although sometimes they were either Share-Alike (SA) CC BY-SA logo or Non-Commercial (NC) CC BY-NC logo.

For instance, I used this picture the other day and inserted into my video.


I was trying to convey the concept of influence without letting my frame looking dry and dull, so I found this picture on Pixabay. It was brilliant because this picture is spot-on with high resolution of quality. Most important of all, it was free of copyrights – which means users who downloaded the pictures don’t even have to attribute the creator and are free to adapt the pictures without any permissions.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 16.22.50.png

I’d say that crediting content creators is like referencing scholars in the academic area. Most important of all, every website has different policies in terms of copyrights. For users are in need of usable videos, photos, or pictures, we should be aware of the copyright issues when looking for contents online. Moreover, it’s a showcase of respect and recognition for the talented creators’ work.

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