Thing 14: Audio – Podcasts and SoundCloud

Haven’t been on SoundCloud for long, but I noticed that some of my friends are using it to exploring and expanding their tastes of music created by indie artists (which I think it would be useful for me in this way as well), and that it is an amazing platform nurturing artists without much resources to publish their work. With a huge base of users and audience, some artists did successfully create amazing music and their music was spread worldwide, Olivia O’Brien‘s music is an example.

However, I’ve been with Spotify for so long that I don’t really bother switching platforms for experiencing new music (although SoundCloud music are rawer and it is totally another experience of listening to some half-/un- finished soundtracks); even with Podcast section introduced to Spotify now, it’s just another demotivation to keep me from looking for other options for either music or podcasts.

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