Thing 16: OneNote & ClassNotebook

No idea OneNote is able to do a lot of things – especially the Optical Character Recognition that is super useful – since I am used to Evernote and it offers pretty much the same features as OneNote. Plus there is little need to use external note-taking software or applications for me since I switched to Apple OS a few years ago and its default applications already have provided sufficient tools to do so.

However, for Thing 16, I still would like to try out and explore a bit.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 16.53.52

I used the example notes to fiddle around and particularly like the variety of tags to remind myself and the Optical Character Recognition. But it has quite a learning curve for users to get the most out of it. I think this is one of the problems in recent technology – lots of software varieties to choose from but we have only limited amount of time to use them.

When I was interning during undergrad, an engineer colleague once told me that he found as he gets older, priorities in life and work changes, and so does his curiosity to explore new tech or software – he no longer felt the need (and have the time) to find out the new possibilities to improve the way he works, as long as he can do the job and satisfied of the efficiency and results. I was confused about his thoughts at that time – how can somebody just lose the passion to learn new things? I believed that the ability, the need, and the passion to learn and explore is a lifelong urge. But now I understand – the time it took to adjust to new interfaces could be too much or unnecessary that I won’t bother to switch systems or software anymore because we instead need to use our time on more important things.

I’d say that OneNote is extremely powerful, especially combined with the use of other Microsoft applications, Optical Character Recognition, and collaboration features. But it would take some time to learn to maximise the output of using OneNote. For one, I am not a user based on Microsoft suite; instead, I’m more of a Google suite user. So using which note-taking software is not an issue. Second, I’ve been used to Evernote and I don’t think switching to OneNote would be any different, other than adjusting to it for some time. Consequently, I don’t think I would benefit from OneNote for the time being, but it is a great tool still.

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