Thing 18: Augmented & Virtual Reality

Went to the AR/VR session by 23Things last year. It was mind-blowingly cool. And I made a small painting for myself via Quiver, as the picture below, also played some InCell games but quit really quickly because I got motion sickness early in the game. Normally I don’t get motion sickness in the real life, but with the speed, whirling and twirling, surprisingly I felt sick pretty quickly. I guess VR games are not for me then 😦  It was an elementary session still a lot of fun.


Also, the most exciting thing is that I finally experienced the proper VR headset in the market, not just the Google Cupboard. But, as I cannot have a clear vision without glasses, and my glasses could not fit in the headset, it was really uncomfortable to use the headset with glasses on. I think the fit between the glasses and headset could be an accessibility problem for people who cannot see clearly without glasses on.

As VR is now applied mainly in gaming industries and a few other areas like the exhibition, and AR is still under development, there is still a vast variety of application opportunities of this technology, because it is very helpful for people to see something in real when they are not able to be in that place physically. For example, I took the Gym’s VR tour before arrival – it helped me get to know the environment and facilities. I look forward to future development within this area.

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  1. Hooray! I’m glad you enjoyed the February workshop! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes it was in Feburary! (Gosh my goldfish memory…)
      And thanks for the workshop Charlie!


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