Thing 21: Online Games & Learning

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 00.49.39

It was fun playing “Design a clinical trial” and “Design a baby” on National Museum of Scotland website. At the same time, playing these little games helped me learn things like “it is impossible to design a baby we desire with specific features” (at least we cannot do it for now), and “what sort of ethical concerns should be included in a clinical trial”.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 00.30.28

I’ve always been love playing games. And designing games with an educational purpose, it is the best combination of education in the world, well, for me at least. I realised that I learn better when I “got my hands dirty” – meaning whenever I get the chance to practice for real, I can remember things or learn to do things a lot better. So playing games is really a good type of learning for me. Say, last time I played an online strategy web game in English for several months, I felt myself have obvious improvements in English conversations, along with learning some new Internet slang and abbreviations. It was really fun.

Next time, I would love to try the hour of code because I want to learn how to code as well!

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