Thing 23: Reflection

Oh my! Finally here we are at the end of the 23 Things!

I named this blog BlogXperiment because I wanted to try out anything I haven’t had a chance to do so in the past. Turns out not everything in 23 Things I like very much, but at least I tried. Overall, I’d say it’s been not bad an experiment. Particularly, I enjoyed several topics such as copyrights and social media. Probably it’s because these topics had a strong connection with my life and I actually use these things on a regular basis, I have a lot of thoughts to talk about. Also, topics like OERs, Geolocation, and Fun & Play are eye-opening and so much fun!

Sometimes I would roam around the community blogs and see what others thought about these topics. It was fascinating to know about that because a lot of times what they are seeing is not what I am seeing; it’s refreshing to learn from another perspective.

If I was to do a course like this again, I think I would want to brush up some updated information about copyrights, social media, and maybe some major apps trending in certain areas such as VR/AR. Internet and mobile applications made our life changes really fast. It was revolutionary, exciting and kind of scary when I really think about it. Sometimes I imagine if there would be one day when the tech is so advanced or the info so overload, how are we going to cope with the pace that fast? (Just a wild wonder.)

At the beginning of 23 Things, I wished I will find a voice I feel comfortable with on social media and blogging. Now that I’m at the end of it, and tracing back to the first few posts, I think I am getting good at it, becoming more verbal and interactive (compared to the more academic and written language in the first few posts), also try to remain my authenticity at the same time.

Initially, I admire people who are blogging and are able to use it as the main source of their income, not being restricted by offices and employers, writing about something they love, and being the boss of their own time. Turns out, I realised blogging is like self-study, and I imagine it would be a lot like doing the dissertation (since I haven’t fully started yet). It requires self-discipline, time management, and self-awareness. And it really must be a topic I am passionate about otherwise I’ll just keep procrastinating, which happens while writing some of the topics in 23 Things. There were certain topics I had few opinions on and lack the motivation or ideas to write them down. Sometimes I was not even in the best state and my mind a clear, white blank; and after half of the day, I finally generated a semi-concrete idea to write something down.

At one point, real-life stuff kicked in and I couldn’t manage to spend some time to keep writing about 23 Things. I was afraid I won’t be able to complete it. But now I am so happy for myself, making it till the end. Yassssss

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